AkitaWeb is my company, it's the result of many years of art passion, computers and their future. The futre IS digital. A revolution that is on the making for years. The modern era is lived on the internet by many people. My job is to create, by passion, for me and for you. It can be a visual, a logo or even a complete website, the passion is the same. And I hope to show you this energy and passion in my projects.

My strategy is simple, if you are French based I can come to you, to talk about your project and needs.
If you are not French, I speak english and we can talk by phone(Whatsapp), SKype or Discord even. It's totaly possible to work far from each other.


Creation : Logo, Visuals, Business Cards...

At least 80€*

*On demand only, prices depends on the demands.
**If you have a big project, time consuming for exemple, I'm in my right to ask you for a percentage of the end price for my work security.

Web Design

Creation of a base website with one or more pages, personal blogs, forums... By hands or with CMS like Wordpress or MyBB...

WebMastering possibility : Install and web management, domain, custom address mail and the SEO.

Packages and contracts are a possibility. Starting at a 3 month contract to a year.

At least 300€*

Don't hesitate to ask questions, the World Wide Web can be hard to understand. My job is also to answer your questions.

Contact me

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